Puppy Yoga at Rooflow: A Fluffy Blend of Serenity and Joy


In the bustling city of New Cairo, amidst the serene ambiance of Rooflow Studio, a unique and heartwarming yoga experience has taken root: Puppy Yoga.  Egyptian Streets had the opportunity to speak with Salma Ashraf, the yogi instructor and mastermind behind this delightful session, to uncover the story behind its creation and the profound impact it has on participants. Ashraf’s journey began with a personal desire to explore the concept of Puppy Yoga, but the logistics seemed daunting.  However, fate had a hand in the matter when a client approached Rooflow founder, sharing an amazing idea. It turned out that this client knew someone whose dog had just given birth to several adorable puppies. And that’s how puppy yoga came to be, becoming a beloved trademark of Rooflow Studio. “The physical and mental benefits of yoga are well-known, promoting dopamine release and a sense of happiness. However, when combined with the emotional and mental connection that puppies bring, the experience becomes even more profound,” Ashraf said. The session’s uniqueness lies in the dynamic interaction between clients and puppies. Picture a client holding a plank pose while a puppy finds solace…

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