Roadmap to Recovery: Egypt’s National Plan Against Drug Abuse


Drug abuse is an issue that impacts many Egyptians, women and men alike. The fight against drug abuse is continuous with the government implementing a national plan to curb drug abuse and promote recovery.  Drug or substance abuse differs from drug addiction. Abusing involves using legal or illegal substances such as alcohol or prescription medicine excessively or improperly, and drug addiction is a disease where the user compulsively seeks out a drug and can not function properly without it. According to a survey by the Egyptian Fund for Drug Control and Treatment of Addiction (FDCTA), Egyptians start abusing drugs due to peer pressure, leading at 35.2 percent, followed by stress at 34.8 percent, depression at 30.6 percent, the need to work longer hours at 29.1 percent, and the desire to boost confidence at 24.9 percent. Fourty-eight percent of Egyptians seeking treatment were primarily using hashish (a cannabis herb), according to the FDCTA’s data in 2020. Tramadol, a pharmaceutical opioid, comes in second, with 22.5 percent of Egyptians using it, 17 percent using synthetic drugs such as amphetamines and synthetic cannabinoids, and 6 percent using opium. Heroin emerged as the most…

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