Where to Take Pilates Classes in Cairo


Beyond the traditional methods of working out, pilates is emerging as a beacon of mindful movement in Cairo’s fitness landscape. In recent years, various fitness centers have integrated pilates to its classes — offering a haven for individuals seeking to nurture their spirits and bodies.

Pilates — performed either on a mat or on a reformer machine — is a system of exercises that promote strength, flexibility, and stability. Reformer pilates are typically more intense than mat-based pilates because the springs on the machine add more resistance. The studios in Cairo cater to both beginners and seasoned practitioners — suitable for all levels.

Here is a list of Cairo’s studios that offer the best pilates classes — whether on mats, reformers, or with equipment.

As an innovative fitness studio, B–URN is unmatched. The classes offered at B–URN are far from traditional — integrating varying workouts into their classes. Their famous “Megaformer” workouts combine pilates, Lagree, and personal training methods to produce a high intensity yet low impact workout.

Fitstop is the one–stop destination for all things pilates. Whether mat, reformer, or their unique versions of pilates dubbed “pilates fusion” — it is never boring at Fitstop.

Founded in 2010, Reform Pilates Studios is more than just a workout center. The studio follows a holistic mind-body approach that helps clients and athletes reach their full potential.

At Axis Pilates, there is a wide array of options for every athlete. From reformer pilates, mat and aero, to chair pilates — Axis Pilates is a dynamic studio.

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