Netizen Reacts As 63-Year-Old Woman Announces Pregnancy With 26- Year-Old Husband


In a heartwarming turn of events that has captured the fascination of social media users worldwide, TikTokers Cheryl, 63, and her 26-year-old husband Quran, have announced they are expecting a baby together.

Despite a significant age difference of 37 years, the couple’s story is a testament to the fact that love knows no bounds.

The announcement came via a viral TikTok video where Cheryl and Quran could be seen dancing jubilantly while holding a positive pregnancy test.

The joyous couple also shared a clip of their baby’s heartbeat and expressed their happiness.

This long-awaited moment was met with excitement and surprise online, as viewers watched the couple celebrate the upcoming addition to their family.

Cheryl, who is already a mother to seven children and grandmother to 17, expressed her anticipation for the new chapter in her life. Quran’s excitement about becoming a father was palpable as he exclaimed, “I can’t wait, we finally get to start our little family. I’m so happy. I’m gonna be a father. We got a family, finally.”

The couple’s announcement was not without its skeptics. Some social media users still expressed concerns about the implications of their age difference, particularly how Cheryl would handle motherhood at her age.

Others speculated about the logistics of their childbearing, with guesses ranging from the use of frozen eggs to other assisted reproductive technologies.

Amidst the initial confusion from some social media spectators about how the couple could be expecting a child, particularly given Cheryl’s age, the couple released a follow-up video explaining that they are expanding their family through surrogacy.

In their follow-up video, Cheryl and Quran addressed these curiosities head-on, confirming their path and sharing their understandable nervousness about the process.