Ali Kiba face off Diamond over who is better than the other


Bongo Flava stars Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba engaged in a subtle exchange of barbs after both artists released their songs simultaneously.

Diamond took to Instagram to announce that his song with Juma Jux, “Fanya Kwa Mpango,” was trending at number one. He proudly stated that he had achieved this feat without conducting any interviews or organizing promotional events. He further added that while other artists rely on hype to promote their music, he did not need such tactics.

Diamond hinted that something significant was in the works, suggesting that fans could anticipate even bigger things from him.

These statements were seen as a direct jab at Ali Kiba, who had recently collaborated with Marioo for their song “Sumu.”

In contrast to Diamond’s claim of not conducting interviews or engaging in promotional activities, both Ali Kiba and Marioo actively participated in various interviews to generate buzz around their song.