Alikiba reacts after Harmonize surprised him with a hug


Bongo Flava star Alikiba was compelled to respond after his fellow star Harmonize unexpectedly encountered him and embraced him tightly.

The two artists had both performed at an event organised by Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu. While embracing Alikiba, Harmonize proclaimed him as the king of Bongo.

In response to Harmonize’s actions and words, Alikiba expressed that Harmonize needs to cultivate a compassionate heart, and in doing so, everything will ultimately unfold positively.

Alikiba went on to mention that as one of those who played a significant role in elevating Bongo Flava’s prominence, certain responsibilities should be embraced, no matter how burdensome they might seem.

Additionally, he emphasised the importance of cherishing even the smallest of occurrences.

Alikiba conveyed that sharing happiness with others is a commendable action.

“Kushare furaha na watu wengine pia ni kitu kizuri na amenisurprise.

He concluded that he still didn’t know what was going on when everything happened, but he assumed that Harmonize was happy because of the show.