Evaluate Your Decisions When Travelling To Meet Strangers – Actor Advises Gen Zs


Renowned Nigerian actor and lawyer, Anayo Modestus Onyekwere, known as Kanayo O. Kanayo, has advised the younger generations to critically evaluate their decisions whenever they travel outside their domain to meet strangers.

The actor expressed his concern over the alleged murder of a Ghanaian lady and her Nigerian friend in Aba, the capital of Abia State, Nigeria.

Recall that Celine Chidinma Ndidum and Afibah Tandoh, who reportedly travelled to Aba in April to meet a business partner, were tragically killed by the very person they had gone to visit.

It was also reported that the alleged kidnapper, Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo, was shot dead by police while attempting to escape custody during his transport to Abuja.

In a heartfelt video posted on social media, veteran actor Kanayo O. Kanayo expressed deep sorrow over the incident, highlighting the risks young people take by forming friendships and travelling long distances to meet people they have connected with online.

“I come to you with a heavy heart because of bad news emanating from Aba. I ask myself, can you really advise these Gen Z, this current generation, on friendship?” Kanayo questioned.

He pointed out the dangers of meeting strangers from social media, referencing a previous case where a woman named Cynthia disappeared after travelling from Abuja to Lagos to meet her boyfriend.

“Now we have Celine and Afibah from Ghana, that’s not a good one. I don’t know what they call runs or hookups,” he said, emphasizing that economic hardships cannot justify risking one’s life.

Speaking from a paternal perspective, the Nollywood actor urged young people to critically evaluate their decisions when travelling to meet strangers.

“Hard work is what it takes, whether you like it or not. Truth is bitter, and young girls must be appreciated, especially those doing small businesses to survive,” he stated.

He concluded with a stern warning to those who exploit others: “To those of you preying, the law will catch up with you.”

This incident has sparked a wider discussion on the safety of meeting online acquaintances and the responsibilities of young people in ensuring their personal safety.