‘Feminism Has Maliciously Placed Broken Men On A Dead On Arrival List’, Says Comedian AY Makun


Nigerian comedian and actor AY Makun has sparked reactions from netizens over his recent comments about how feminism has placed broken men on the dead-on-arrival list.

Makun, on his verified X account formerly Twitter stated that feminism negatively impacts men who speak up about their negative experiences in their relationships.

The post reads: “The feminism mechanism in the subconsciousness of most women against men who gathered the courage to speak up on the things they too go through in their relationships, has maliciously placed broken men on a dead-on-arrival list in modern day society. Women should also remember that they have friends, brothers, fathers, cousins, and uncles who are going through a lot at the hands of their gender.”

The post has led to a variety of reactions from X users, with some blasting him, while others expressed their confusion and some agreeing with his standpoint.

An X user said to him, “Phewwww! What’s with the outrage? If you have personal matters, don’t drag all women along with your problems abeg.”

“What in the Chatgpt is this Tweet? So many words and zero message passed,” read another user’s comment.

Another user said, ‘‘A lot was spoken, nothing was said.”

“It’s infuriating to blame feminism for men’s struggles. Everyone deserves support and empathy, regardless of gender. Stop vilifying women and start addressing the real issues that might have broken your marriage,” said an outraged commenter.

A commenter who agreed with Makun said, “It’s selective Feminism for them. When it’s their family and friends, they cry foul but when not it’s fair.”

“They always see women as victims while neglecting the men most times, which is not equitable,” said another.