“He is a thief”- Fans react as media personality Gbemi pities dispatch rider who stole 5 packs of food


Media personality Gbemi, has recently told her tale of what she went through in the hands of dispatch riders.

On her Instagram account, the Group Vice President of Marketing for Wakanow, who had just been appointed, shared a story about a dispatch rider who had been tasked with picking up food but had taken five packs from the delivery.

Gbemi interpreted the actions of the rider as a reflection of people’s hunger in Nigeria, suggesting that this could be the reason why they engage in such behavior.

However, her judgment about the dispatch rider didn’t sit well with some fans as they reacted to the post saying that hunger is not an excuse to steal or be unprofessional.

One user said: Even though, upon still 🙄 this is not an excuse to take what does not belongs to you 🤦‍♀️ Make person no try am with me o🙄I no dey use food play😂

Another one wrote: Your hunger no even make you take 1 pack na 5 pack Haba it’s not an excuse to take what isn’t yours na

While a user commented: Hunger shouldn’t be the reason why we shouldn’t maintain self respect and dignity, regardless of how hungry you are

A user wrote: He would have begged for food instead of stealing. No matter the hardship, stealing should never be an option.