‘I Narrowly Escaped Being Burnt Alive For Stealing’ – Daddy Showkey Recounts


Nigerian artiste Daddy Showkey has recounted a near-death experience from his former days in a gang.

The singer appeared as a guest on the latest episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, and in the snippet of the unreleased episode, he revealed that he once narrowly escaped being burnt alive.

He confessed, “I was in a gang back in the day. I won’t lie.”

During his time in a gang, he recounted how they found some guns which they used to terrorise the locals during their activities, and one day they were caught.

“Some of us found guns where we used to pick valuables from in a refuse dump somewhere in Ikorodu. We started using the 9ml guns to terrorise the area. One day, when we were out in our usual style, someone saw us and started screaming, ‘Thieves, thieves, thieves,’” he said.

Fortunately for him, he narrowly escaped the clutches of death but one of his gang members was not so lucky.

“They caught me and my friend and they tied us up and they were going to burn us. We were saved miraculously but unfortunately, they caught 91A and burnt him alive on the new road,” he said.

“I am a living testimony for every young man because If I John can be alive today to become Daddy Showkey, there is nobody who can’t become someone. People are usually ashamed to talk about their past but I’m not. I don’t care,” he added.