‘I will dress however I please’ – Kwabena Kwabena hits back at his fashion critics


Renowned contemporary highlife musician, Kwabena Kwabena has responded to criticism regarding his fashion choices at the recent Ghana Vodafone Music Awards (VGMA) and has firmly defended his personal style.

Despite mixed reactions from the public, Kwabena Kwabena remains unfazed by the negative comments and stands by his right to dress according to his own taste.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, he expressed his bewilderment at the notion that his attire should be a problem for anyone, emphasizing that everyone has the freedom to express themselves through their fashion choices.

“I fail to understand why my dressing should be an issue for anyone,” stated Kwabena Kwabena. “Rather than making comments on something they know nothing about, it’s better to remain silent. The outfit I wore that night was inspired by the fashion trends of the ’70s. If icons like James Brown dressed similarly back then, why can’t I do the same now?”

The celebrated musician firmly asserted that he is not swayed by others’ opinions and will continue to dress in a way that brings him joy. He emphasized his independence from the need to please everyone and emphasized that he lives life on his own terms.

“I don’t let negative comments or opinions affect me,” Kwabena Kwabena explained. “I don’t strive to please others; that’s what keeps me going. It’s impossible to please everyone in the world, so I choose to live authentically and find happiness in being true to myself.”

By embracing his individuality, Kwabena Kwabena sets an example of self-confidence and self-expression for his fans and admirers.