I’m straight but I was once in love with a woman – American Actress, Julie Bowen reveals

American actress, Julie Bowen has revealed that she was once in love with a woman even though she’s straight.
The Modern family star revealed this in the most recent episode of her “Quitters” podcast. She said;
“I’m straight. I’ve always been straight. I was in love with a woman for a while but she didn’t love me back.
“She liked women but she didn’t like me in that way. It never really took off so I never really had to challenge my concept of my sexuality.”
The 52-year-old actress confessed this after guest “Bachelor” alum Becca Tilley said coming out was a “stressful” experience for her, particularly after appearing on two seasons of the ABC show.
 “I’m just attracted to people,” the 34-year-old reality TV star who is currently dating Hayley Kiyoko told Bowen.
“I hope that one day people don’t have to come out, because it causes a lot of stresses and weight added. Life is already really hard, falling in love should just be a natural, beautiful thing people shouldn’t have to explain to anybody,” she added.
Meanwhile, Bowen who played Claire Dunphy in “Modern Family,” noted that when people ask others to “identify themselves,” they’re often asking about their sexual preference and what they do “in the bedroom.”
“What you do with your body should not be the first thing we know about people or care about, its your business,” she explained. “Like you said, I hope people don’t always have to come out.”