Katherine Schwarzenegger speaks on her blessings as a new mother


Katherine Schwarzenegger recently shed light on some of her newfound blessings as a new mother.

The star weighed in on it all during her most recent interview with the People Magazine’s Every Day podcast and was also quoted saying, “I’ve always wanted to be a mom and I have always really looked forward to this time in my life and been really excited about it. And I feel really just so blessed to be able to experience it and also experience it with my husband, and she’s just the best.”

“Lyla is the best baby and she’s so happy and so smiley, and I know how lucky I am. I’m so grateful to be able to experience it and also be able to see my parents’ step into the role as grandparents, my two brothers as uncles, and my sister as such a hands-on aunt. It’s been a really beautiful time and experience, and she’s changed my life for the better.”

During the course of her interview, the author also dished over how she has sectioned off parenting duties with Chris Pratt and added, “I wouldn’t say that we’ve kind of nailed down a good balancing act of, ‘Can you watch her for a second while I run and do some work?’ ‘Can you watch her while I run to do this?’ but it’s so fun.”

“I love taking her everywhere with me and having her here in my office when I’m doing work. She’s like my little buddy and comes out everywhere with me.”