Kenyan Comedian Appeals For Funds From Fans To Treat Chronic Disease


Kenyan content creator and comedian Sylvia Savai, popularly known as Senjee, has reached out to well-wishers for assistance in raising funds for specialised treatment in Atlanta, Georgia.

She aims to collect at least Sh12 million to cover medical expenses related to her battle with Endometriosis.

Senjee has been grappling with Endometriosis, a medical condition characterized by severe menstrual pain and complications.

This condition has led to paralysis on the right side of her body every month during her menstrual cycle, causing some of her organs to fail.

To address her health challenges, Senjee urgently requires two surgeries, both of which are scheduled to take place in June in the United States.

The estimated cost of Senjee’s treatment amounts to Sh12 million, prompting her to turn to the public for financial support.

She acknowledges that Endometriosis has significantly impacted her well-being and recognises the importance of seeking a permanent solution to her health condition.

“Well, your strongest soldier is here. Endometriosis has won over me, but such is life. “I’m a little bit scared but mostly anxiety is doing a number on me… For those who’ve been following my journey since last year, it’s been decided that I’ll possibly undergo two surgeries scheduled in June that will take place in Atlanta Georgia,” she wrote.

Expressing her vulnerability and determination, Senjee shared her journey of battling Endometriosis and emphasized the challenges she faces in creating content due to her frequent bouts of illness.

“I’m seeking financial help and mostly your prayers to get through this. Well, I’m scared but I’m just pretending I’m not afraid. Lately, I’ve been unable to create content because most of the time I’m sick, sometimes I just can’t get out of bed and do anything. it’s stressing me out but I’m holding on to hope because I know I’ll emerge a winner…” she wrote.

Despite her fears and anxieties about the upcoming surgeries, Senjee remains resilient and optimistic, expressing gratitude for any assistance offered towards her treatment.

Senjee’s battle with Endometriosis highlights the broader issue of women’s health and the challenges faced by individuals living with this condition.

She joins a growing number of Kenyan celebrities, such as Natalie Githinji, who have openly shared their experiences with Endometriosis, contributing to greater awareness and understanding of the disease within the community.