Khaligraph issued a 24-hour ultimatum for Tanzanian rappers to respond to his challenge


Singer Harmonize has not held back in his response to rapper Khaligraph Jones, who recently sparked controversy with his bold challenge to Tanzanian rappers.

Khaligraph’s assertion that Tanzanian hip-hop is on the decline and that only a handful of rappers remain consistent in their craft has ignited fiery responses from Tanzanian artists.

“TZ rap was dead except for Lunya and a few others record diss tracks before niattack na msijibu na amapiano,” Khaligraph Jones boldly stated.

Khaligraph’s proclamation did not go unnoticed as Tanzanian rappers swiftly reacted, defending their craft and asserting their dedication to the genre.

In his retort, Harmonize criticised Khaligraph’s stance, highlighting that the rapper himself had drawn inspiration from the Tanzanian rap scene.

“How I went that hard to give you the only award this year sikujua you can feel that big and disrespect my brothers. You really know all your rap inspiration its from TZ bro dont forget home!” he wrote.

Responding to the ensuing reactions, Khaligraph Jones further intensified the feud. He issued an ultimatum to Tanzanian rappers, giving them only 24 hours to respond before he assumed control of the Tanzanian rap scene, just as he had in Nigeria.

“Naskia Tanzania Ma Rapper wameshika Moto, Yall have 24 hrs to go to the studio and Record, na msiniletee amapiano, Bomboclat, Ingieni kwa Kiwanja tupimane nguvu, You will respect The OG,” OG declared.