Master KG unveils his most expensive music video


Renowned South African musician Master KG has opened up on his latest song ‘Shine Your Light’, noting the video is the most expensive in his catalogue so far.

In ‘Shine Your Light’, Master KG featured Senegalese-American RnB star Akon and David Guetta.

Master KG said he was not used to shooting such expensive videos even with all his fame but ‘Shine Your Light’ changed all this.

He tweeted:

“This year I shot my First Most Crazy Expensive video “Shine Your Light” it costed R1.1Million Never Thought it would happen coz I’m used to R50k Videos But I’m happy. Make sure you check it out on YouTube,”

“It was shot in Dominican Republic. The flights From SA to the Accommodation and The Production team in those countries Is Freaking Expensive n other things,” he added (Sic).

‘Shine Your Light’ is yet another big hit for Master KG. It has a close beat resemblance with his global hit song ‘Jerusalema’. The beats alone tell you the song is authentically South African.

Akon loses himself to the beautiful sound that is South Africa’s signature. He brings out the much-needed charisma in the song. ‘Shine Your Light’ preaches unity and love for the people. He released it a while before announcing that he is now the CEO of his recording label Wanitwa Mos Entertainment.