Netizens React To Tacha’s Claim Of Wearing N100M Dress To AMVCA


BBNaija star, Tacha, has revealed that the show-stopping dress she wore at the 10th edition of Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards(AMVCA) cost more than N100 million.

While on the red carpet at the event held on May 11, 2024, she disclosed this while being interviewed by popular content creator, Timi Agbaje.

Agbaje asked, “Last year you wore a $20,000 outfit to the AMVCA. How much did this outfit cost?”

Tacha replied, “It’s 100k”

“Naira or dollars?” Agbaje asked again after which Tacha laughed and replied, “It’s $100,000 or nothing.”

At the prestigious event, Tacha wore a long white, bedazzled gown with a large eye-catching statement piece. The dress had a floating bust/corset design on her shoulder, a flowing cape and a matching corset handbag.

The reality TV star’s revelation led to a series of reactions from Nigerians across social media, who were taken aback by the staggering price.

A curious X user asked, “I’m curious, who pays for celebrities’ dresses at events like these? Do the celebrities buy the dresses themselves, do designers lend them the dresses, or is there some kind of arrangement where they share the cost?”

Other X users expressed disbelief, one said “Which kain lamba be that?? Cloth that can’t pass 200k,” and another commented, “You paid $100k for a dress?”

Someone else commented, “She wan come spoil the compliments and the beautiful dress with lies now.”

Other comments read, “That’s huge!!.”, “120 million for her dress? For such a big event as that? Naaaa, that’s too cheap,” “I believe her.”