“Please choose a side and be bold about it. Stop saying vote wisely.” – Filmmaker, Uchenna Nnanna

Nigerian Filmmaker, Uchenna Nnanna, has questioned her colleagues over the 2023 presidential elections.
In a recent post on her official Instagram page, the mother of two sent a lengthy message to address the current situation in the nation.
Uchenna asked her colleagues to quit hesitating and be courageous enough to pick their choices, adding that instead of requesting people to use their intelligence and vote wisely, they should boldly say the candidate their supporting.
Read her post here:
“Please let us read carefully and make our constructive contributions and tag whoever that needs to see this post
20/10/2022 just passed as we did 2nd memorial of some of our youths that were murdered at Lekki toll gate on 20/10/2020
Now this is for everyone that participated at EndSARS protest in 2020 or supported the EndSARS Movement and still participated in the 2nd year memorial that is not saying anything on this forthcoming Election especially the celebrities.
Please what is your plan? because you can’t sit on the fence, you have to use your voice and your page to do something, you have to let us know the candidate you are supporting. Be bold enough to tell us on whose side you are. This is because if we fail to get it right this time, and we end up with another bad Government then we will have to start another protest when we are yet to recover from the one we had.
So for us to save ourselves that stress. I’m calling on all the celebrities to use their voices not just sitting there while some are just saying vote wisely.
This coming election has a lot at Stake for this country. It will either make or mar us.
The time to act is now. Please choose a side and be bold about it. Stop saying vote wisely. We all have seen what is going on. Hit the nail on the head.
Your followers and fans are waiting for you to lead them right. Are you just going to keep quiet?
Let’s take action. The time is now.
Let’s shun tribe, religion and do the right thing for once. That’s what they have used against us all these years and look at where it landed us.
Special thanks to all those who already have a candidate and have declared that openly. Own it with your chest. As for me and my household we are fully Obidient 💪 💪🏻📌📌
NOTE: This page does not support violence 🙏🙏”////