Rapper Woozy the Goat accused of murdering his grandparents, now in psych ward


St. Louis rapper, Woozy The Goat, has been accused of killing his grandparents, and is reportedly now in a psych ward.

According to Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Wood, the rapper walked into a psych ward covered in blood earlier this week and has been linked to the murders of his grandparents Donald and Kathy McRoberts, who were discovered dead in their home.

While some details of the murders have yet to be revealed, local law enforcement was reportedly looking for the suspect on Tuesday night before he essentially surrendered himself to the psych ward.

Woozy The Goat appears to have some songs on SoundCloud and has a small social media following. In the days leading up to his grandparents’ deaths, he posted some disturbing messages on Facebook, proclaiming himself to be God.

He wrote in one of the messages, “WHO WANNA DIE TODAY? Do you not believe me? Come prove to me that I am not God.”

“Hey I really am god truly everyone I’m trying to help you all but I came to terms y’all got too comfortable in hell I’m not trying to take peoples money when I say donate to $WoozyTheGoat I’m trying to show y’all new life,” he wrote in another post.