Samklef, Daddy Freeze end long term disagreement


Both Samklef and Daddy Freeze have ended their long term disagreement.

An issue happened between both in 2018 after Daddy Freeze condemned a report about the healing of a mentally challenged man during a Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) service.

Daddy Freeze didn’t sit well with Samklef who had said the OAP’s war against churches was getting “uninteresting”.

This generated war of words as Daddy Freeze labelled Samklef’s career as an “Egyptian mummy, well preserved and buried” while the music producer fired back, saying the Daddy Freeze should “go wash” his brain.

However, on Sunday, Samklef took to his Instagram page to apologise to Daddy Freeze for his past behaviour.

“I was blind and ignorant but now I understand and can see clearly. Everything Daddy Freeze has been saying is true. “90% percent of Nigeria’s so-called men of mammon are 419,”

“It’s your faith that makes you whole. So dey collects money for miracles that happens through you.”

In his reply, Daddy Freeze also took to his Instagram page wherein he expressed his regret for fighting Samklef.

“Dear brother @samklef I should never have fought you, that was so wrong of me. Rather, I should have waited for you to see what I saw. May Yahweh deliver us all,”