Tanzanian Singer In Celebration Mood As ‘Sukari’ Makes YouTube History In East Africa


Tanzanian singing sensation Zuchu has etched her name in the annals of East African music history by becoming the first solo artist from the region to amass over 100 million views on YouTube with her hit single ‘Sukari’.

Celebrating this milestone, Zuchu took to her social media to express her gratitude and to acknowledge the team behind the masterpiece.

She reminisced on the transformative power of ‘Sukari,’ a song that not only changed her life but also carved a significant mark in the East African music industry.

“Sugar’s 100,000,000 million viewers make me the first artist from East Africa to achieve this success with a solo song,” she shared with her fans, highlighting the collective success of the project.

The songstress didn’t miss the opportunity to thank her loyal fans, particularly singling out one named Milly, whom she credited for contributing to the success of the project.

“To my family, thank you so much, these are all our achievements that enabled the size of this project, I appreciate you,” she expressed with heartfelt appreciation.

Diamond Platnumz, a Tanzanian music juggernaut and Zuchu’s mentor, also chimed in with words of celebration, emphasising the significance of achieving such a feat with a song that’s 100 per cent Swahili and without any feature.

“When you look with the eye, you’d think it’s a normal thing, but when you try to do it, you’ll know how heavy it is,” Diamond remarked.

‘Sukari’ was among Zuchu’s first releases after getting signed to the giant Tanzanian record label.

As Zuchu’s star continues to rise, her milestone serves as a testament to the burgeoning talent emanating from East Africa. Today Zuchu is among the top female artists in the region with 3.2 million YouTube subscribers.

Other top tracks released by Zuchu include, ‘Honey’, ‘Kwikwi’, ‘Utaniua’ among others.