“The greatest gift I ever got through out my existence” – Comedian, Lasisi Elenu

The wife of Popular Nigerian Skitmaker, Nosa Afolabi, better known as Lasisi Elenu has given birth to a bouncing baby girl.
While taking to Instagram to announce the birth of his daughter, Lasisi shared a video of their pregnancy journey.
Meanwhile, the comedian also revealed that the baby shall be called – Rain Olanma Oluwanifemi Afolabi.
He wrote:
“Blessings they say comes in different shapes and sizes, and this time, ours came in the shape of a beautiful, colorful and extraordinary baby. I personally had a gaze of disbelief when you were born as I was lost for words just admiring and appreciating the goodness of God for a blessing this BIG.
Another bigger blessing is having a strong vessel as a wife.
Understanding that women are the strongest people on earth, but you my beautiful wife is one hell of a woman and your strength is umargwably from a the highest source. I saw you go through so many phases in a 9 month span, and had the best insight of what it felt like carrying a child @heynonso “At some point I also felt pregnant” because I remembered wanting the smell of used engine oil for no
We have been blessed with a handful of Joy, a store house of abundance, the greatest gift I ever got through out my existence and it’s too much to hold in. Damn, Sinzu Money is a father. Welcome Rain Olanma Oluwanifemi Afolabi. You are a blessing to this generation. @heybabyrain.”