Al-Shabaab threatens to Attack Kenya


Somali-based, al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamist militant group, al-Shabaab has issued a threat against neighbouring Kenya.

Meanwhile, The group said it will continue its attacks in that country as long as Kenyan troops are in Somalia.

Al-Shabaab stated:

“Know that we will continue to defend our lands and our people from the aggressive Kenyan invasion. We will continue to concentrate our attacks on Kenyan towns and cities as long as Kenyan forces continue to occupy our Muslim lands.”

Mohamed Husein Gaas, director of the Raad Peace Research Institute based in Mogadishu affirmed that al-Shabaab threats are real, as they have seen the organization become stronger financially in the last few years, despite the presence of African Union forces in Somalia.

“The region’s increased insecurity due to the ongoing civil war in Ethiopia and the underlying political and social polarization will likely exasperate the insecurity of the region as a whole,” he said.