DR Congo: At Least 27 Civilians killed during Massacre


At least 27 civilians have been reportedly killed by members of a notorious rebel group in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday, May 28.

“We heard bullets at dawn in the village of Beu Manyama,” army spokesman Anthony Mualushayi stated.

“When we arrived, it was already too late because the enemy ADF had already killed more than a dozen of our fellow citizens with machetes.”

After the attack early Saturday, in the Beni region in North Kivu province, soldiers pursued the attackers and “neutralized seven ADF” and captured another, Mualushayi said.

Earlier Saturday, local Red Cross head Philippe Bonane had put the civilian death toll at 24 and was supervising the transfer of bodies to the morgue.

The massacre comes after almost a month of relative calm in Beni, where the Congolese and Ugandan armies have been conducting joint military operations against the ADF since late November.