EU Restricts Visa Provisions For Ethiopian Nationals


The European Union (EU) has said it will limit visas for people from Ethiopia.

It said this development is because the Ethiopian government hasn’t been helping take back citizens who stay in the EU illegally.

The EU Council announced this in a statement on Monday. Ethiopians won’t get visas for multiple entries anymore. Also, Ethiopians with diplomatic and service passports won’t have their visa fees waived.

Getting a visa will take longer too. It used to be 15 days, now it will be 45 days, the EU said.

Ethiopia hasn’t responded yet.

The EU decided this because they think Ethiopia isn’t doing enough to take back its citizens who stay illegally in the EU.

The EU says these restrictions won’t last forever, but they haven’t said when they’ll end.

The EU is dealing with a lot of people coming in from other countries. Last year, about 380,000 people came into the EU illegally. That’s the most since 2016.