“I was told to abandon a career and survive but I didn’t listen” – Nigerian woman celebrates as she becomes a branmanager in Canada


A Nigerian woman, Patience Adesuwa Ajao is currently celebrating her promotion as the Branch Manager of a leading bank in Canada and she pointed out that many people did not believe she would achieve such a feat.

Mrs. Ajao shared on Facebook how, eight years ago, when she worked for the bank as a Customer Service Representative, many had predicted she would never be promoted because she was an immigrant.

In her words;

“Upon relocating to Canada eight years ago, I was told to abandon all thoughts of building a career, and just, survive. A few months later, I accepted the Customer Service Representative role with one of Canada’s top five Banks.
Talks in my ears sounded like: you will not get promoted, you will be a teller for life, remember you are black, a woman and an immigrant from Nigeria, three strikes against you. Forging on, I moved through four roles: Financial Services Representative, Financial Advisor, Manager of Customer Experience, and Assistant Branch Manager.
In addition to having my 3rd child, pregnancy and maternity did not prevent my climb up the ladder. Needless to say, I have since distanced myself from those that never believed in me.
I am blessed to be a part of an organization that has provided a level playing field for everyone. In this month of November 2022, I accepted the promotion to the role of Branch Manager, thank you TD!!

Finally, Dear Immigrants: seek an organization that will accept your potential and believe in yourself that you can attain whatever height you aim for.