Kenyan Lawyers, Opposition Seek Court Ruling Over Govt Plan To Deploy Police To Haiti


Kenyan lawyers and their opposition party have asked a court to hold the government in contempt over plans to deploy police to Haiti.

Responding to Haiti’s appeal for assistance, Kenya offered in July 2023 to send 1,000 officers to help tackle a worsening security crisis in which gayngs have forced about 200,000 people to flee their homes.

Lawyers Ekuru Aukot, Miruru Waweru and their Thirdway Alliance Kenya party first challenged the deployment in the High Court in October.

In January, President William Ruto said Kenya was going to push ahead with the deployment despite a court ruling that the officers could only deploy abroad if a “reciprocal arrangement” existed with the host government.

“The applicants are reliably informed that the impugned
deployment may be done any time from now,” the plaintiffs said in Thursday’s application, adding that a May 23 deadline for the step made the matter urgent.

In March the government said it was pausing the deployment after the resignation of Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry.