Senegal’s Govt Restricts Internet Access, Bans Protest


Senegal’s communication ministry has announced new internet restrictions to prevent the spread of “hateful messages”.

The government have also banned a march due to take place today in the capital, Dakar, to protest against the postponement of the election.

The decision by the government to restrict internet access to citizens comes as political tensions rise following President Macky Sall’s controversial decision to postpone this month’s presidential election until December.

The Aar Sunu Election (“Let’s protect our election”) collective, which includes some 40 civil, religious and professional groups, called for a peaceful rally in the capital Dakar on Tuesday. Authorities then banned the march citing logistical concerns.

Organisers of the rally have now postponed it until Saturday.

“We will postpone the march because we want to remain within the law,” said Malick Diop, coordinator of the collective.

Senegal has been plunged into turmoil since Mr Sall announced on 3 February that elections would be delayed because of a dispute over the eligibility of candidates.

The opposition accused the two-term president of a “constitutional coup”, and trying to cling to power.

He has denied the allegation, saying he will not run for a third term.

The election was due to take place on 25 February but has been pushed back until December.