Uganda Captures Head Of Militia Squad Responsible For Tourist Murders


Uganda has announced on Thursday that it has successfully captured the head of a notorious militia squad believed to be responsible for the brutal murder of two honeymooning foreign tourists and their local guide in Queen Elizabeth National Park last month.

The captured individual, identified as the sole survivor of a recent night-time military operation, was apprehended during a targeted mission against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a feared armed group operating in the region. The operation resulted in the elimination of six other ADF fighters.

The incident occurred on October 17 when a British and a South African tourist, accompanied by their local guide, were attacked while on safari.

The captured suspect will be subjected to thorough interrogation, and legal proceedings will commence to ensure accountability for the horrific crime committed.

Uganda blamed the ADF, an armed militia based in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo that is affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) group.

The IS group later claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it had killed “three Christian tourists”.

Uganda’s deputy military spokesman Deo Akiiki told AFP that the unit commander, identified only as Njovu, had been injured in the back during a gunbattle on Tuesday.

“This was a successful joint military intelligence-led operation and the whole squad that had been sent by the ADF to cause mayhem, kill tourists, burn schools, hospitals, was eliminated,” Akiiki said.

“The only survivor is the commander whom we captured,” he said, adding that he would now face trial.

Akiiki said Njovu was found with some of the belongings of the murdered tourists and their Ugandan guide’s identity card.

Major General Dick Olum, who oversees Uganda’s military operations against the ADF in the DRC, said another six members of the squad were shot dead in Tuesday’s operation.

The victims of the October attack have been named as British national David Barlow, his South African wife Celia and the guide, Eric Ayai.