Viral Nigerian Ballet Boy Offered US Scholarship


11-year Old Nigerian boy, Anthony Mmesoma Madu who recently went viral after he was videoed practicing ballet barefoot in the drizzling rain in Nigeria earlier this year has been offered scholarship from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre in the US.

In the cellphone video, Anthony was performing the pirouette without shoes on the unevenly wet concrete was seen by a much bigger audience.

During an interview with BBC, the young boy described how his life has really transformed.

He said;

“I feel very, very happy because the viral video has brought so many opportunities. Since then, I won a scholarship to go to the US in the year 2021.”

He had also started classes with New York Academy as he revealed how amazing the classes have been.

“What I’m going to miss here is my parents and my siblings. And I’m also going to miss our academy because I used to come here every day.

“In my neighborhood now, what has changed for me is that plenty people want to become my friends.”