ZEETIN Engineering firm signs export MoU with Turkish-American company


To actualise the dreams of being the first firm to venture into a vehicle spares parts production and manufacturing of electric cars and other car spare parts, ZEETIN Engineering, a Nigerian firm have signed an export Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Turkish-American company, JMT Limited.

The agreement signed in Abuja between the two firms will enable JMT to export ZEETIN products to African and international markets.

ZEETIN, a Nigerian precision engineering company, is into manufacturing heavy-duty metal products, car engines and spare parts used in the aviation, construction, railway, marine, oil and gas, automotive, and agriculture industries while JMT is an international machine-making company and supplier of machines and other products across the world.

The symbiotic relationship will enable ZEETIN to leverage on JMT’s network of customers to sell its products across Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia – in countries like Cameroun, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Ghana, Morocco, and India; while JMT will be exporting machine, electrical and electronic parts to the Nigerian firm.

Under the MoU, the Turkey-based company will supply ZEETIN with sensitive spare parts for automotive products, act as the technical partner for the Nigerian company as well as collaborate with it in the design and manufacture of vehicles.

The synergy between the two engineering and manufacturing companies also covers the areas of expertise, capacity-building, marketing, manpower development, engineering and technology advancements, research and development.

ZEETIN and JMT have been collaboratively doing business together for a while, with JMT supplying various machines to ZEETIN’s factory located in the Idu Industrial Area of Abuja.

According to the two firms, the MoU is for an initial period of six years, which will commence in August 2022, and is subject to renewal after the first tenure.

Speaking on the significance of the MoU, the Managing Director of ZEETIN, Azibaola Robert, described the partnership as significant saying: “It is indeed a breakthrough for us as a country because this is the first time a Nigerian engineering and manufacturing company will start exporting heavy-duty metal products, spares to the international market.”

“In addition, this collaborative effort between us and JMT will catalyse Nigeria to a net technology exporting country and also save the country valuable foreign exchange. It will boost our economy, create more jobs as well. So, overall, Nigeria will be the ultimate beneficiary,” Robert added.

The Chairman of JMT, Serhan Yazicilar, expressed the hope that the agreement would further strengthen the company’s business relationship with ZEETIN Engineering, which he described as a dependable partner in the engineering and technology industry, especially in Nigeria.