No Production Disruptions, No Tensions on Stocks of Drugs Included in Covid-19 Therapeutic Protocol (FMIIP)


“Following the publication of some information in the media and social networks reporting a tension of availability of essential drugs, the FMIIP, grouping the main national producers wishes to reassure public opinion and confirms that it has not recorded any break in production or tensions on stocks of drugs that are part of the therapeutic protocol Covid-19, including chloroquine, azithromycin, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, paracetamol and heparin,” said the FMIIP in a statement.

The FMIIP, in close collaboration and consultation with public authorities, anticipates the challenges ahead, especially in terms of logistics, and ensures as such that the national market is constantly supplied, as has been the case since the outbreak of the pandemic, in accordance with the circular No. DMP/00/75, added the same source.

On the other hand, the Federation urges all stakeholders to commit to providing the necessary drugs and health products with a regulatory safety stock for a period of three months for industrial pharmaceutical companies and one month for distributors.

Despite the challenges related to the vulnerability of international supply chains, accessibility and rising costs of medicines, Moroccan manufacturers and their representative organization, the FMIIP, have mobilized at all levels, from the outset of the pandemic threat, to limit any risk of shortage through the optimal management of safety stocks, the statement noted.

No production break or tension on stocks of drugs that are part of the Covid-19 therapeutic protocol has been recorded so far, the Moroccan Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry and Innovation (FMIIP) said Thursday.

13 January 2022