“No Discrimination Between Men’s And Women’s Football In Benue”, Says Paul Edeh


The Chairman of the Benue State Football Association, Barrister Paul Edeh, has announced that there will be no discrimination between men’s and women’s football in the state.

Edeh made this declaration during the final of the State FA Cup on Saturday at the JS Tarka Stadium, Gboko, where Lobi Stars outscored Flight FC 2-1 to lift the title.

He emphasized that both men’s and women’s football teams will receive equal support, resources and opportunities to excel in the sport. Barrister Edeh stated that it is important to promote gender equality in football and ensure that both male and female players have the same opportunity to showcase their God-given talents and compete at a high level.

The Benue State FA Chairman also announced that the cash rewards from any competition participated by the two genders will be equal.

“In Benue State, there’s no discrimination between men and women’s football. Edeh stated.

“The same support the FA gives to men’s football teams goes to the women’s football clubs. Even in a competition like the State FA Cup, both champions (women’s and men) will receive the same amount, even when men’s teams played more matches than the opposite sex. We are committed to creating a level playing ground for every athlete irrespective of their gender. Even the trophies lifted by both the men and women FA Cup champions are the same in size and everything,” he said.

In all, the announcement by the Benue State FA Chairman signals a positive step towards promoting inclusivity and equality in football and sets a strong example for other football associations to follow.