Technical Adviser Won’t Guarantee World Cup Ticket For Nigeria – Ex-Eagles Forward


Former Super Eagles forward, Peter Ijeh said securing the services of foreign Technical Adviser will not guarantee the Super Eagles playing in the next FIFA World Cup.

Speaking ,the former Nigerian forward argued that Finidi George should have been given more time.

He emphasized that success in football depends heavily on the environment provided for the players and coach.

“From the beginning, I believe the NFF vetted who they wanted. Two foreign coaches before Finidi lost their first five matches. They should have handled the situation better,” Ijeh remarked.

He also highlighted the importance of contractual agreements, stating, “Writing a contract is one thing; the clauses of the contract are another. Who knows what he signed or what the agreement was? Everything that happened, they can’t try it with a white man.”

Regarding the possibility of hiring a new foreign coach, the 47-year-old believes that there are still competent Nigerian coaches who can lead the team.

“I still believe building a Nigerian for that task is possible because we have qualified coaches, even in the diaspora, with modern certifications who can execute the job. It depends on the Glass House supporting the coach.”

Ijeh advised the NFF to reconsider their approach, “Mentioning names should not come up now. It’s just to advise the NFF that, look, what is the guarantee that bringing in a technical adviser would win the remaining six games? What if he doesn’t win? What next? Where are we going?”