Two premier league players open up as gay, in relationship


Two Premier League players in the same team are reportedly in a relationship but are not yet ready to come out to the public despite sharing the happy news with teammates.

A new report in The Sun suggests the teammates wanted the focus to stay on football throughout the season and are concerned speaking publicly about their relationship could draw the attention away from their performances on the pitch.

The publication claimed the duo started dating earlier this year.

‘They did not see the need to hide from their teammates — and why should they?’ one source said.

‘But they decided not to come out publicly — although neither are ashamed and it could happen down the line.’

Their teammates, who have all been supportive of the relationship, were also asked not to publicly comment on the relationship.

The Sun previously reported a different player was in talks to be the first to openly discuss his sexuality in a TV documentary, reportedly in the works for Channel 4.